July 27 is Iglesia Ni Cristo Day in Nueva Viscaya

It was reported that the province of Nueva Viscaya declared July 27 every year as Iglesia Ni Cristo Day which is a special working holiday.

Special Working Holiday means, “in the public sector, employees may opt not to work during said day and may be compensated on the basis of the provisions of Memorandum Circular No. 6 of the Civil Service Commission (CSC)… employees in the private sector who desire to work on July 27 a compensation on the basis of the ‘No Work No Pay” policy of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).”

The ordinance is authored by SP Maybelle Blossom Dumlao and sponsored by SP Lambert Galima.

Persecutors might think that it’s the INC who requested this ordinance. However, it is not. This ordinance is the initiative of the mentioned provincial board members, which according to ordinance (No. 2011-072 known as Ordinance Localizing the Implementation in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya of Republic Act 9645) this is for the appreciation of the INC’s efforts to serve Novo Vizcayanos and the province in an act of gratefulness for its great contribution in the development of their history, culture and arts.

I don’t know what’s the advantage of it to the Iglesia Ni Cristo. However, there’s one thing that I know… they appreciated the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

And there is one thing that I am sure of… When the Philippine Arena will be finished, not only the Novo Vizcayanos and the people in Bulacan will be proud of the achievement of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, but it’s the whole Filipino community. But except of course those people who have crab mentality…


Iglesia Ni Cristo members

The Iglesia Ni Cristo members are mostly coming from the Roman Catholic Church. Others are coming from other protestant sects. And most of the members in the Philippines are those who are poor people in the Philippines.

Detractors of the Iglesia Ni Cristo accused its members of being boastful. But I think, this accusation was raised after they heard the teaching of the church that only those inside the true church, the Iglesia Ni Cristo will be saved on the judgment day. They just couldn’t accept this truth because for them, they will be saved too because they also have faith in Christ.

There are other detractors who accused the members of the church of being murderer. But it all started when they read or heard a news that there are members of the church who committed the crime.

But if you are an open minded person, you couldn’t accuse the whole church of the crime committed by few especially that one of the teachings or doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo told its members to live the life that is in accordance to the will of God. God prohibits its children to commit murder, so the Iglesia Ni Cristo prohibits it too.

You might argue: If it’s the church’s teaching that prohibits its members in committing murder, then why there are members who committed such crime?

My answer to that is: Those people who want to be saved from the wrath of God on the day of judgment joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo. They are taught during the indoctrination and also on every worship services on what to do to preserve the right to be saved. The church administration is doing its obligations in helping every members live the life that Christ wanted us to live.

However, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are men. There were times that they could really commit sins. After all, Apostle Paul described that members of the church are like participants in a race. There are those who are stumbled and there are those who do not.

So, we, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are not perfect. Even if we always heard the advise of the church administration…. even if we always heard the teachings of Christ and of God during worship services… yet there are times that we are tempted to commit sins.

So, if one member committed a crime like murder, it doesn’t mean that all members of the church are murderers.

If you will look at the prison cells here in the Philippines, you’ll realize that almost 100 percent of the criminals in there are members of the Roman Catholic Church. But we, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, did not accuse the Roman Catholic Church as murders just because its members are murderers.

However, the Iglesia Ni Cristo until now has been persecuted by many.

For example: If a member of the Roman Catholic Church, let’s say his name is Pedro, killed a man, you’ll hear people say or even the news report say that “Pedro Killed a man”. But if a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo… let’s say, his name is Juan, killed a man, you’ll hear from people or from news report that the Iglesia Ni Cristo killed a ma.

So, it is not the name of the member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo that is mentioned in the news report of the crime I gave in  the example above, but instead, it is the name of the church he is affiliated with. In contrast, if a member of the Roman Catholic Church committed a crime, the name of the person not the name of the church what will be mentioned in the news.

It’s seems that the society is unfair to the Iglesia Ni Cristo. But we understand that. It simply a persecution. After all, Christ said that His people will truly experienced persecution because of His name.

Note: If you want to know a little about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, please visit, “About Iglesia Ni Cristo“.

Iglesia Ni Cristo’s World Biggest Dome

I already know that the Iglesia Ni Cristo will be building a huge dome which will be the center of the 100 years anniversary celebration of the church. However, only these days that the news about it was talked through the news websites and TV programs.

The said dome will be the world’s biggest dome. Its size is said to be twice the biggest dome in the US.

Its complex includes a hospital, a university, a chapel and other facilities.

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